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IR+ADIA for industrial plastic painting: for those who aim at a perfect curing in reduced times
In questo articolo: Shaping plastic or shaping its market? Painting and aesthetics: the purchase that passes also through pleasure Starting situation: the challenge for Movingfluid The test: IR+ADIA for liquid paint curing on plastic Conclusions: IR+ADIA advantages in paint curing on plastic IR+ADIA and non-metallic materials: application potentials and market perspectives Shaping plastic or shaping its market?  For manufacturing companies, an industrial plastic painting process that is versatile and competitive in terms of quality, times and costs can be the […]
A plant revolutionizing the industrial glue dilution process. Movingfluid with Henkel: a successful blend so as not to remain “glued” to the past
In this article: “Mishaps” will not stick on you: Movingfluid is the plant solution that was missing Copy-paste no longer works: Henkel and the emphasis on innovation A zero-risk solution: Movingfluid and the contractual advantages for the customer If that’s the way it has always been done, it’s time for a change! The creation of a new system that is bound to change the market High-tech solution and Industry 4.0 A load of productive and commercial benefits for the customer […]
IR ARO and Movingfluid: 30 years of success in fluid handling. Interview with Olivier Dentu and Roberto Gallo: the secret of a winning understanding.
IR ARO and Movingfluid: on the trail for 30 years! ARO e Movingfluid: 30 years of a winning collaboration in the distribution of leading ARO products and solutions offered in the field of fluid handling at an industrial level. When a professional relationship lasts so long, it means that at the base there are shared principles, achieved results and ambitious objectives, to which everyone should constantly refer during one’s growth. In this case, between ARO and Movingfluid, there has been […]