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A permanent solution to a temporary problem

Completely forgotten the manual control of the atomized humidity value, possible cause of mistakes and production problems.

Non-stop and automatically control the atomized humidity value
The need of Aziende Ceramiche is forgetting the manual control, made on average every hour, of the atomized humidity value used for the production of ceramic tiles. This value is very important as mistakes in this production phase can bring to serious economic losses in the following production and design phases.
The Solution
The solution has been the designing and installing of a detector of humidity recognition which exploits the principle of the microwaves.
The Advantage
A 100% automized advantage
Dynamic and customized

A technology which automatically and dynamically allows to detect the humidity value of the atomized pointing out this value on display, tablet or smartphone. This data can also be saved in a database and managed by the customer.

The right product

The use of this technology has allowed to make automatic and computerised a phase of the production process that had been to date manually managed. Manual control is synonym of mistake which can bring serious economic losses.


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