Total Customization

From the custom manual with the customer logo to the recoding of components. Integration of the customer’s vendor lists. Aesthetic personalization of forms and colours.

The Product benefits
From the single component to the technical documentation with your logo in a few simple steps.
Why we have designed this product

A product that comes from a specific need of our OEM customers.
They need to adapt new components or whole areas in their processes.
They want tailor-made solutions designed and studied for their components.
The aesthetic personalization is more and more often needed.

Project Scope
How it works

We share our customer’s aims and processes.
Total transparency on suppliers and costs to get the best result.
We become your external technical, research and development office.

The Product
What's in it for you?

A solution that is completely yours.
A solution as if made and thought by yourself.
With no fixed costs.