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It’s cold baby outside

Definitely forgotten the problem of production stops due to ice. We have generated significant savings on air consumption and measured it to the Euro.

Avoiding production stops at low temperatures
The product did not completely satisfy Ricchetti Group who signaled that the membrane pumps easily tended to freeze, especially during winter and constantly needed lubrication.
The Solution
The offered solution has been the installing of ARO 3” membrane pumps having an original design where the main feature is the standard equipment of the patented anti-stall and anti-ice valves.
The Advantage
Reduction of stops due to ice
More than 105k Euro annual savings

ARO membrane pumps, at the same conditions, consume 56 Nmc/ h less than the previously installed WILDEN and SAND PIPER membrane pumps: calculating an average of 15 hours a day, this results in a savings of 56 x 15 = 840 Nmc per day. The average annual savings of each ARO membrane pump amounts basically to 5.250 euros, and taking into account that Ricchetti Group owns twenty, the overall savings in more than 105.000 Euros!

ARO membrane pumps
The right product

Another important feature are the internal seals that don’t need lubrication.


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