IR ARO and Movingfluid: on the trail for 30 years!

ARO e Movingfluid: 30 years of a winning collaboration in the distribution of leading ARO products and solutions offered in the field of fluid handling at an industrial level.

When a professional relationship lasts so long, it means that at the base there are shared principles, achieved results and ambitious objectives, to which everyone should constantly refer during one’s growth.
In this case, between ARO and Movingfluid, there has been even more: a relation of esteem, respect and friendship joins indeed two professionals that play key-roles in their sectors.

Olivier Dentu and Roberto Gallo – initially colleagues at ARO – have been working in synergy for 30 years, both focused on finding the best solutions to offer in fluid handling. A market in which, despite the overcrowding of suppliers and products, clients’ needs remain too often unfulfilled or lead to slow and unsatisfactory responses.
Because, in so much confusion, what is missing is someone that points you out the right way. In real time. And helps you to make it concrete. An industry issue highlighted in this article.

In our Journal, we want to celebrate this important professional milestone with a double interview, comparing the voices of these two collaborators and their intertwined stories in the production and distribution of ARO components.
Where did they start from and what still binds them so firmly today?

Roberto Gallo, Fondatore e Socio - Movingfluid
Roberto Gallo, Founder & Board Member – Movingfluid
Olivier Dentu, General Manager Ingersoll Rand - Business Leader ARO
Olivier Dentu, Ingersoll Rand General Manager – ARO Business Leader

Comparing voices in the panorama of fluid handling.

We are located at the Movingfluid offices in Modena. Despite the great desire for a warm handshake, we can only connect with Olivier via video call, for the reasons related to the health regulations that we all know well. But this doesn’t stop our enthusiasm, quite the contrary!
In effect, Olivier is at the Ingersoll Rand office in Oberhausen, Germany, where he works as General Manager for ARO.

Roberto and Olivier greet each other with the warmth and spontaneity of those who have been through a lot together.
And there are effectively lots of steps that unite them in their professional career, as they explain to us.

Uffici Movingfluid (Modena – Italia)
Movingfluid Offices (Modena – Italy)
Uffici Ingersoll Rand (Oberhausen – Germania)
Ingersoll Rand Offices (USA)

Hello. Can you introduce yourselves?

Roberto Gallo:
I am Roberto Gallo, one of the founding members of Movingfluid. I deal with business strategy and its marketing development.

Olivier Dentu:
I am Olivier Dentu.
Since 2004 I have been Business Leader of ARO Pumps in Europe, a world leading brand of Ingersoll Rand. I am also in charge of the peristaltic Albin pumps globally.

How did you meet and what is your relationship like today?

Roberto Gallo:
We have been knowing each other for 30 years now, first colleagues at Ingersoll Rand ARO, then in the new director/distributor partnership.
We certainly share a commercial training and a market-approach developed with the Ingersoll Rand team on the ARO brand and then a great love for this brand that has characterised our respective careers.

Olivier Dentu:
At ARO, we have a passion for our products and for our customers. Our mission was always to provide great pumps with the best possible total cost of ownership. When we met, Roberto was already a pump expert selling value to our customers.

Roberto, what is your opinion on the ARO brand today, as a distributor with Movingfluid?

In addition to being the leitmotif of our two professional lives, ARO is the brand to which I have remained faithful throughout my life, for the unique qualities that distinguish it.

The reliability of the ARO brand is guaranteed by Ingersoll Rand, which is a global supplier of innovative – and I would say sometimes revolutionary – products and services in the most varied sectors: from industry, to energy, medical and many others. ARO is a brand that knows how to see beyond.

In the field of fluid handling, which I deal with, the ARO equipment allows you to intervene quickly, effectively and in a versatile manner in order to face various problems. As we say, we solve “mishaps” of all kinds. From the need to optimise production spaces to that of making plants more efficient and allowing faster production. Furthermore, in the historical moment we are going through, the need for sustainable plant choices is increasingly pressing also from an environmental point of view.

The wide range of tools that ARO makes available, particularly the ARO pumps for fluid handling, can be used across all sectors: chemical, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, mining and so on.

The added value of the Movingfluid team is grafted onto this versatility. Highly specialised personnel, both from a planning and an executive point of view, capable of identifying critical issues and intervening promptly with effective solutions to problems in the field of fluid handling. Many times, even in the most complex conditions, we have avoided downtimes, with all the consequent problems that would have resulted from a production stop at company level.

The immediate availability of Ingersoll Rand ARO components and pumps plays a key role in this. With extensive logistics and technical service, ARO gets everywhere. In Italy as well as abroad, where Movingfluid assists various production companies in the most varied sectors. ARO’s support has allowed us to outperform the competition in many cases.
In an infinite range of products, we have chosen the ARO brand in its entirety, proudly becoming its promoters.

Olivier, what do you think about Movingfluid?

I think that this group of people has always represented innovation through a very active distribution approach.
Particularly, the development of the OEM market has brought a benefit to the entire worldwide distribution network.
Movingfluid’s “mishaps’ solvers” approach has completely transformed the distribution of the pump market in Italy.

The added value of Movingfluid for us is to have passed from simple suppliers of a canned product to solvers of problems related to the handling of fluids. What we provide through Movingfluid is no longer just a component, equal to everyone and competing with everyone’s prices, but it is the right solution through that component.
ARO pumps, of course, are an essential part of the solution!

Do you see? The concept is completely different. It is no longer a question of providing a product to a customer who must assume all the responsibilities in the technical definition, but of accompanying the client with an excellent service in identifying the appropriate solution for their case.
Movingfluid identifies the client’s need, develops the solution and interfaces with ARO to find the right components, making it special.
Movingfluid and ARO Pumps: a perfect combination, I would say!

In this successful collaboration, what value does your role assume as a person within the companies that you represent?

Roberto Gallo:
I believe that both of us consider the deep knowledge of companies and people to be an essential value: a fabric of relationships that we have cultivated over time, each in their own professional career. Without a doubt, Olivier and I have always shared the method and a true passion for continuing education.
The real strength lies now in our roles, perfectly complementary and aligned with the same objectives.
The Ingersoll Rand ARO brand develops product and communication, and Movingfluid develops the market with their own trained and informed sales force.

Olivier Dentu:
It is certainly so. Movingfluid is a modern distributor, which pays great attention and seriousness to listening to the customer. The true partner of a product brand like ARO, a brand of Ingersoll Rand. Their intuitions often lead us to create new custom-made products together. Who else does it?
For the end customer, all this turns into a complete technical consultancy and a definition of the best components for a personalised and effective solution.

How do you see the world of Fluid Handling in 10 years’ time?

Roberto Gallo:
In an increasingly “fluid” world, it is difficult to predict a market in the next 10 years. But I have one certainty: companies will increasingly need trusted partners to solve their difficulties. The relationship will not change, it will be speeded up by digitalisation and technology, but people will always be at the centre. The role of the distributor in the future? Be the client’s first consultant and first listening point for IR ARO.

Olivier Dentu:
The pump market will continue to prosper and grow over industrial market average for several reasons:

  • The industry will continue to restructure and evolve to face environmental challenges and requirement.
  • This will translate into stronger demand for pumps with higher efficiency, productivity and lower total costs of ownership.
  • Digitalisation will also drive the market value up.
  • Some market segments with being particularly “pump hungry” in the next decade: Health, Life Science, Renewable energy, Water treatment, Chemicals, Food and Beverage…
    Being part of a Pump group like Ingersoll Rand is giving ARO a solid position to continue to delight our customer and gain new market share.

We say goodbye to Olivier and Roberto and let them chat for a moment to greet each other.

We leave with the awareness that we have listened to two professionals who respect each other and who are committed, each in their own role, to a common goal. A sensation so tangible that it gives us certainty for the future of fluid handling.Those who will be able to pursue the values of collaboration, listening and determination in solving the client’s problem, at any cost, will make the difference.
Just as they do it today.

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