By Roberto Gallo, founder and partner.

Should we define ourselves by the typical terms of our market, we could say that we have been specialising in the design, construction and installation of fluid handling systems for 25 years.
We distribute fluid handling components and accessories from the best manufacturers, along with solutions and ideas… In a nutshell, we distribute everything!

Getting higher and higher, doing always better than anyone else. We for you, better than them.
However, is seeing us up there at the apex – the winners of this climb – what customers really need today?
We don’t think so. We are like everyone else in this competition – sometimes better, sometimes worse.

We believe, instead, that the customer feels more and more alone and forlorn in their choices, within an overcrowded market where proposals of all kinds are shouted loudest. A chaotic and jumbled grand bazaar, within which taking responsibility for voicing a preference appears to be a most arduous, artful step.
The customer, with their money, has become a hittable target, which justifies their being so stunned.

And even for us who work in this industry there is a strong risk of wasting energy in useless races, without getting resources focused on a goal. Products, services, skills and background are like casino chips. They make you sit at the table but do not guarantee you will win. Fulfilling specifications is no longer enough. Neither for us, nor for our customers.

On the one hand the forlorn customer, on the other hand the supplier struggling in an endless climb.
How can these two “non-paths” come together through exchange, meaning and direction?

With a view to achieving a goal, customers can indeed develop the early information and comparison stages on their own – and much better – today. What is missing? Mostly, time. Time to explore the entire market. Time to stay up-to-date with ever new technologies, gaining space and concentration in the frenzy of daily commitments.
Time to ensure that what they are making is really the best choice.

There is some lack of certainty. Someone elucidating, leading the purchasing process, without fearing any impossible questions, because it is often the impossible that people are looking for.

Our reason for being originates precisely in this thought.

We are in the saddle. This is something only we can really do in fluid handling.
We are aware that people do not want products, but solutions to tangible problems encountered when working. Boosting productivity, speeding up the process, cutting costs, enhancing quality, getting the missing space out of a plant as if it were a magic hat!

Surprise: we can do this.

We solve what everyone calls “impossible mishaps”. That is why, with some tongue-in-cheek humour, we like to call ourselves “Mishap-solvers”: the Mr. Wolf of fluid handling.

We are passionate for other people’s passions (and “mishaps”). We are not ashamed to state that we are “at the service of”. Far from it. “Our best” is no longer the best for ourselves, but it is what we do for the customers we have decided to serve. THEM and not US.
A change of mindset that has permeated us since, after the 2008 economic revolution, we wondered:
“Who do we want to be for whom?”
“Whom are we performing our show for?”
“What change do we want to bring to fluid handling?”
“What market gap are we going to fill?”
“What is our unique, specific promise?”

Why should you believe it? Because what is peculiar about us is that we never do anything just to be told that we have been great. We do not behave like that with our Board, let alone with our customers!
We may be a little straightforward but never “smart alecks”. Strong personalities. All with different personal and professional backgrounds.
We discuss a lot, but we always come up with an idea. We mix the love for technical issues with that for vision. We are visionaries with our feet stuck in concrete, to substantiate your ideas and shape your genius.

Communicating what we are in an ironic, brisk yet resolute tone of voice is just typical of us. Because, in the end, you should never lose your smile even when dealing with serious matters.
“If it can be solved with money or washed away with solvent, it is not a problem.”

This is our way. How we do business here.

What does a mishap-solver do for a living?

A mishap-solver does much more than just solve a problem or find a solution.
Those who solve mishaps understand the customer’s trouble. They deal with WHY, with HIS/HER why, and not just with HOW. They collect his/her true expectations and help him/her see beyond, creating the special scenery he/she has in mind.

As mishap-solvers, these are the roots that give us sustenance and which we grow upon:

Problem-solving is our market. We are elite performers in fluid handling and our goal is to help our customers sell more and perform better.

The customer is the core. Our idol.
The customer is always a starting point and we want to build a relationship of trust with them so as to become their reliable expert.

We have no catalogues showcasing products to sell. We do not need to sell our facility, workshop or warehouse. We have no copy-paste systems.
We are unbiased and fair, free to choose the best performing technological partners.
Free from any constraints, ours is no doubt the best possible solution.

Whatever the size, if it is a problem for our customer, we will solve it. Our approach does not change.
A simple price. Maintenance. The yield of a production process. A new system to do better. The definition of specifications. A component or a spare part.
How much we earn does not matter: the customer is the one who should bring home the bacon.

Speed, in real time. Problem-related information only. Coordination of people and resources.
We turn mishaps into wonderful challenges. We build trust with facts.

We expose ourselves. We pay all costs in advance.
Zero risks for the customer. The customer will only pay if they are satisfied with our solution.
Otherwise, what challenge is it?
Solving mishaps is smiling
Solving mishaps is answering impossible questions
Solving mishaps is making mishaps an appealing incident
Solving mishaps is a choice, not a need
Solving mishaps is well beyond a positive attitude towards solving problems
Solving mishaps is totally incompatible with “it has always been done this way”
Solving mishaps is putting oneself in service
Solving mishaps is always saying yes, never no. At the very most “yes if”
Solving mishaps is being transformers

Solving mishaps is difficult, unique and specific.
This is why nobody copies us.

A problem to be solved right away? Put us to the test.

Yours will always be the most important call.

We study your idea and help you make it REAL, you will receive a feasibility study in 48h.
One of our experts will get in touch with you, now!
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