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Our reason for existing. As natural as solving a “mishap”.

For 25 years now, Movingfluid’s engineering consultancy has been solving problems that others have defined as impossible in fluid handling. However, some people are born to be faced with problems and some others to find solutions. We are sure to be those who come up with solutions.
Below we would like to explain to you why and how we have this certainty. Not to shoot a line, but to lend you a hand to implement your idea jointly with our engineering consultancy. To turn that “mishap” that prevents your idea from coming true into an opportunity.

We are highly specialised engineers in the design and construction of plants, but we are aware that there is someone behind every project. Company owners, plant directors, R&D managers, engineers by inheritance or passion, all come to us with a real dream: “I wish I could, but everyone has already told me that I can’t.”

We are well aware that every step is driven by a propulsive idea in technology. We always start from that: it is the only fixed point. Then we find the rest, wherever it is, and make it happen. That project, so ambitious as to seem impossible, is a spur for us. A “NO” is not contemplated by us: at the very most, “YES if”. At no cost to you, until we achieve a result that pleases you. A brilliant system. Or that infinitesimal improvement which, once identified, could considerably boost productivity, automate the industrial process, make the most of space, bring along unexpected savings.

Our engineering consultancy is focused on the design, implementation and integration of industrial systems based on fluids, in any segment or area. Whether it is fluid transfer, extrusion, dosage, spraying, we will turn obstacles into streamlined production.
We are specialised in industrial painting, surface treatment, handling of even very dense and aggressive fluids. We are acquainted with products and processes.

No matter whether processing depends on how paint, glue, acid, putty are used – our approach will not change.
Market transversality is our extra edge. The knowledge developed in one sector becomes the solution to solve a “mishap” in another. Automotive, ceramics, paper, tissue, textiles, food and beverage, medical: every industrial area produces desires.

Making them come true is our reason for existing.

Do you have to deal with fluids within your production process?
Many seek an explanation. We find the solution.


Movingfluid approach: fluids towards the solution

Often those who come to us are called upon to deal with problems due to productivity, efficiency and profit decline generated by their plants, without being experts in the fluid handling process. Or sometimes they are very capable professionals who, overburdened by several activities and company responsibilities, have no longer had the opportunity to get updated.
What can be done to get out of this predicament? Movingfluid can generate maximum benefits/ in these circumstances. Like a real external R&D office, our team “takes over the baton” with flexibility and proactivity, integrating perfectly into the customer’s reality. The structure supporting our approach is specialised in the relationship with the customer as well as taking stock of their needs.

Customer service, finance, logistics and technical service: all our staff have been selected not only for their specific skills, but also for a series of soft skills that make them prone to listen to and solve impossible questions.
We love to quote ourselves as “mishap solvers”: we believe that some tongue-in-cheek humour is always good. We know how to be taken seriously with our solutions. With measurable goals and sharing parameters and method of measurement.

Why should you believe it?
Because, unlike all other competitors who have to sell someone’s product or solution, our engineering consultancy team is free from any constraints. For Movingfluid, there are no restrictions along the way. There are no pre-defined products, brands and solutions. We do not have to sell a catalogue or warehouse product. We promote any solution.
It is this freedom that makes us unique at always finding, among all options, the answer that best suits the customer.

At an international level, we can rely on a network of collaborators in charge of detecting “mishaps” and disclosing the most innovative solutions worldwide.
Most of our customers are based in Europe but we deal with plant development all over the world: Brazil, China, the US host our latest installations.
Wherever you are, Movingfluid will be there.

Do you have good ideas but too many things to deal with?
Are you familiar with a subject but not up-to-date? We are well prepared. Use our time.


No ordinary services

A number of services have taken shape from our engineering consultancy as a result of our spur to understand what would make our customers happy and improve their lives at work:

  • Project Scope: : a document we draw up after collecting information and learning about the goals and budgets from the customer to define the level of feasibility of their idea.
    Our technical and financial skills combined to an in-depth study of the market enable us to put forward solutions related to the resources on hand and devise proposals for improvement.
    With a view to submitting the “idea design” to the customer, we scrutinise technical data sheets, contact suppliers, run tests, assess layouts. The customer receives a meta project that can enable them to make broader assessments and gradually succeed in defining an ideal solution, together with a budget offer for the customer to understand the boundaries of the investment project, or a final offer, when they are ready to purchase. A service that gives you the certainty of starting on the right foot and making a project grow by taking advantage of the best options.
  • Design and construction of specific parts “on demand” for OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) customers. A true partnership and co-design activity, with a division specialised in the creation of modules to be entered into existing machines.
  • Distribution of components and spare parts from the most important worldwide brands, including Ingersoll Rand, ARO, GRACO, KREMLIN.
  • Consultancy for the production of tender specifications. . You can contact us if you need to develop and define tender specifications for the purchase of systems.
  • Price comparison or investigation into the best market conditions. Are you already using a product but would like to know if anyone else is selling it at a lower price or with faster delivery times? Our guys can scan the market and update you on their search results every three hours.
  • Pump configurator. No time to find the right pump for your industrial process? With just a phone call, you will be able to learn about how the most suitable solution will be chosen and look into the models that could be used, in addition to price ranges and delivery forecasts.
  • Order fulfilment: compiliamo we can fill in your spare parts order for you properly and quickly, saving you from going crazy on a technical cross-section for hours, in the midst of a thousand product codes.
  • Total customization: on specific request, we can create systems according to your brand’s aesthetic and technical guidelines. When a new system solution is implemented, we also draw up a customised instruction manual with your logo and re-coding of each component. If you wish, even in multiple languages.

To improve your working life with ongoing, specialised and targeted services.
Your chance is now.
Find out now how we can make a difference!


Movingfluid:Engineering consultancy fluid handling. Operator at works at the plant.


Distinctive pluses for our customers 

Since we love our customer and enjoy challenges, winning together is our target.
To do so, we take the risk for you, including the financial responsibility of your project.
In addition to solving your “mishap”, this is what we offer you:

 1 – Consultancy, design and prototype at no cost, up to the solution of the problem.
From the early study to the implementation of a prototype, our engineering consulting services are completely free of charge. We specialise in developing ever new systems that produce prototypes for industrialisation.
We get involved – you will only pay if you are satisfied. If we do not achieve your goals, it will cost nothing.
This means total zero risk for our customer.

2 – In-depth and constantly updated knowledge
Our work is nourished by constant research and continuous dialogue with fluid handling players. We are familiar with all novelties in the sector. We make this preparation available to the customer, like a real external R&D office, while ensuring the best solution with the highest quality, at the lowest cost, in a short time.

3 –Availability of internal resources assigned to R&D
As a result of the qualified and focused support of Movingfluid, you will be able to go straight to your goal, with targeted resources. For our customer-partner, this means keeping in-house resources available for other tasks, as well as a dramatic reduction in time-to-market times. 

4 – Industry 4.0
As a result of the high-tech set-up of the fluid handling systems built by Movingfluid, the system features automation and set-up for integration into the company’s industrial process.
These special features make it possible for the company to adhere to financial incentives for technological development, as well as pursuing efficiency and ongoing improvement.


Brands that shared their “mishaps” with us

We have stockpiled in-depth knowledge and boast hundreds of solved cases across every sector. If you want to learn more, below are some “mishap” cases that were solved thanks to our engineering consulting services. Maybe yours will be even better: put us to the test!
The names of the brands that have chosen us to be on their side speak for us. They include:

  • Alstom Ferroviaria: train painting
  • IVECO: fluid filling systems
  • Lamborghini e Ferrari: painting systems, fluid filling, sealing 
  • Brembo: automatic brake disc painting system
  • Gruppo Körber, Perini: pipe glue dispensing system; tissue paper converting production streamlined through temperature control
  • Oakley: eyewear painting system
  • Gruppo Ricchetti: production stop problem due to ice eliminated
  • I-Tech : international-after-sales-service
  • Cantine Riunite : barrel disinfection without chemical agents, but rather with ozone, 100% natural
  • Cimes : a single solution for spraying, extruding, transferring, dosing liquid fluids and powders
  • Aziende Ceramiche : creation of an automatic humidity detection system for atomised material
  • Henkel design of a glue dilution automatic system, consumption control, top-up
  • System Ceramics : system for vapour extraction from solvents used for digital printing
  • Basca : streamlining cleaning procedures for paint mixing tanks, optimisation of IBC washing for chemical products and cleaning of mixing tanks for masterbatch production.

We love what is new and we are not afraid. We do not copy and paste.
Talk to us about your problem. 

We are solution investigators. We will find yours!

We study your idea and help you make it REAL, you will receive a feasibility study in 48h.
One of our experts will get in touch with you, now!
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