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Order Fulfillment
Filling out an order of spare parts or components is a big SFIGA. It takes you a lot of time and requires an insight into the technical specifications. You’ll just sign it. Codes and prices are our business.
Pump Configurator
There was the need of someone who could relieve the customer of all the responsibility concerning the choice of the pump. We are the experts: you tell us the material, the application and the result you want. We tell you the how and the what.
Total Customization
From the custom manual with the customer logo to the recoding of components. Integration of the customer’s vendor lists. Aesthetic personalization of forms and colours.
Design and Architecture
With experience and expertise, we are able to follow all the design and implementation process of your fluid distribution plants: we just need a layout of your firm.
Price Comparison
We help you understand which are the right products for your needs and budget. Often what you need is just the best price, sometimes an immediate availability is instead the right solution.
Project Scope
We study the feasibility of your idea considering your budget and offering you a series of proposals for improvements.