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Products, case histories and testimonials

  • Alloy wheels coating

    The coating of alloy wheels is a key step in the preparation of the product, because the demand for the customization of alloy wheels for personal use or sports is strongly increasing. The customer's need is to change the ...

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  • Nordson Prodigy powder painting system

    Triton Pardubice spol s.r.o., a leading provider of data cabinet located in the Czech Republic, since 2010 it has launched a new manufacturing line in the field of the art technology. In order to obtain high-quality products it ...

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  • Hand Painting of industrial metal plates

    Tadley Engineering Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of thin sheets for metal components and for buildings, and with over 26 years of experience working for various industries: from enclosures for electrical components to the materials storage systems. Its success is ...

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  • New powder painting system for Torino Renato

    Torino Renato, owner of FAICOM brand, is a leading manufacturer of professional equipment for the distribution of fluids such as air, water, oil, gas oil and grease. The FAICOM products can be used in the industrial, automotive, agricultural, oil, chemical ...

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  • Liquid painting system for Bilstein Krupp

    Bilstein Krupp, a leading manufacturer of shock absorbers and suspension systems for racing cars, needed to paint its high-end items with water-based bicomponent coatings, fully automatic with a simple and flexible liquid painting system, using electrostatic guns and being able ...

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  • Liquid coating for air filters and oil filters

    UFI, located in Nogarole Rocca (VE), is a global leader in the production of air filters and oil filters for the automotive industry. Its main customers are car manufacturers, such as Ferrari (they also set up the Formula 1 engine ...

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  • Water-soluble coating for pipelines

    Tenaris S.p.a. plant in Dalmine, a manufacturer of pipelines, wanted to avoid at all costs the use of oxidizers in order to have a reduction in operating costs, to limit possible fire hazards caused by use of solvent-based ...

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  • Automatic system for the painting of glasses

    A company belonging to an important group of eyeglasses and sunglasses for major worldwide brands in the sector, needed a new provider to entrust the entire project for a new coating plant to be installed in their establishment in Foothill ...

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  • A dream gluing department for Ferrari

    Ferrari S.p.a., one of the most legendary Italian car brands, based in Maranello, needed a control of solvent emissions into the car upholstery department and keep the space for spray painting always clean in order to create a ...

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  • 7,5 square meters to SAVE € 70,000 per year and PAINT perfectly

    One of the greatest need to make the production process more functional is bringing the production lines closer to the paint department to avoid the manual transfer of individual pieces to be treated. This way you can save a lot ...

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  • Verniciatura dei cerchi in lega

    La verniciatura dei cerchi in lega rappresenta un passo fondamentale nella preparazione del prodotto, in quanto la richiesta di personalizzazioni di cerchi in lega per uso personale o sportivo è fortemente in aumento. La necessità dei clienti è di modificare ...

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  • Gluing department for Lamborghini

    Lamborghini, Italian excellence in the production of luxury cars, cannot but respect its high standards in every single finishing of the vehicle.

    For this reason, Lamborghini's saddlery department, in which the car's interiors are saddled up, represents the ...

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  • Panometro, the inflation specialist

    Panometro is a simple inflation system developed by Movingfluid for Ferrari.
    It is able to make the four tires more efficient, to automatically inflate them, to immediately print the report of the control made on the inflation.
    The system is ...

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  • Cooling gas injection into Lamborghini's conditioners

    This conditioner system was created in order to manage the injection of cooling gas into the conditioning system installed on the car, made for Lamborghini S.p.a. The process starts with the reading of the bar-code indicating the country ...

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  • Movingfluid e Caterpillar, che forza!

    La Caterpillar, azienda leader mondiale nella produzione di veicoli cingolati dal caratteristico colore giallo. L’intesa tra le due aziende nasce nel momento in cui Movingfluid ha fornito all’azienda americana un nuovo e performante impianto di verniciatura dei rulli ...

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  • Una verniciatura senza fine con Movingfluid

    OMIS, grande azienda produttrice di componenti metallici e meccanici, aveva un’esigenza decisamente particolare: verniciare travi lunghe fino a 30 metri. L’intervento su questi mastodontici componenti meccanici, necessitava di tutta l’esperienza di Movingfluid, che ha saputo immediatamente fornire ...

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  • Movingfluid per Caterpillar Jesi, un’alleanza rocciosa

    Movingfluid ha installato presso lo stabilimento Caterpillar di Jesi un impianto per la lavorazione dei cilindri idraulici. La richiesta dell’azienda riguardava l’Installazione di un impianto per effettuare il lavaggio dei cilindri, trattamento di  fosfatazione e la verniciatura dei ...

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