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  • Pneumatic pumps and Champagne

    Many Champagne producing companies, among the most prestigious brands, have already decided to opt for ARO diaphragm pumps. These diaphragm pumps are necessary in the transfer of the products harvested, from tank to tank and from the tank to the ...

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  • ARO and Boots: diaphragm pumps for a winning team

    Boots is one of the leading cosmetic industries in the UK, specialized in the production of shampoo, body lotions, soaps, and other cosmetics commonly used by people. The processing of Boots process involves the use of numerous types of pumps ...

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  • ARO Diaphragm pumps for Nestlé Purina Petcare

    Nestlé Purina Petcare Italy S.p.a., based in Summaga di Portogruaro (VE), it is part of the Nestlé multinational. Now it enters the market as the largest producer of dry pet food and its site is the only establishment ...

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  • Pneumatic pumps and water-based paints

    Unikalo is one of the brands of the company LES COLORANTS DU SUD-OUEST, located in Bordeaux, one of the largest manufacturers of water-based paints, and therefore the field of liquid coating. The situation that required our intervention was that the ...

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  • Liquid coating for air filters and oil filters

    UFI, located in Nogarole Rocca (VE), is a global leader in the production of air filters and oil filters for the automotive industry. Its main customers are car manufacturers, such as Ferrari (they also set up the Formula 1 engine ...

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  • Dosage and additives for semolina pasta

    Several Italian specialties are involved nowadays in the production of semolina pasta, more and more easily available on the retail market, mostly foreign but not only, and have the recognizable characteristic of having quite lively colors. In addition to the ...

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  • Production of porcelain

    In the process for the production of porcelain stoneware tiles the basic raw material is atomized clay. In order to obtain the finished product in stoneware clay coloring oxides or other bulk materials can be added with which you can ...

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  • Dosage, formulation and transportation of solvents for paint and varnishes

    In the production of paint and varnish for liquid coating, certain standards are necessary for the production process to be safe and efficient. In order to limit the costs and obtain better results, some aspects need to be taken into ...

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  • ARO pumps for BP Solar's solar energy

    BP Solar is a multinational that produces photovoltaic cells in the sphere of renewable energies, located in Tres Cantos (Madrid), it is part of BP group. BP provides solutions to industries, shops and houses, as far as solar energy is ...

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  • Oenology, new solutions in the management of fluids in the cellar

    Despite the several technological innovations of the last few years, the world of oenology, and the management of the cellar, are facing difficulties in implementing technological and innovative solutions already used in other production sectors.

    There are different reasons for ...

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  • Movingfluid at the service of i-Tech, a company specialized in ceramics

    i-Tech from Sassuolo (Modena) is a company specialized in the constructionof tintometric systems for the ceramic and industrial coating industry.Before the intervention of Movingfluid, i-Tech used to use DEBEM double diaphragm pneumatic pumps with a diameter between¼ and 2 ...

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