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Products, case histories and testimonials

  • Fluid handling consulting

    Thanks to the testimony of Fabio Perini S.p.a., a manufacturer of machinery for the tissue paper production such as toilet paper and paper towels, it can be shown as an ideal supplier is based not only on providing ...

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  • Sanitizing with ozone gas for Cantine Riunite

    One of the most positive experiences of Movingfluid regards the company Cantine Riunite, which tested the huge disinfection power of ozone using it for normal sanitizing operations of tanks used for wine storage. The ozone gas, provided by a dedicated ...

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  • Are you using the right diaphragm pump?

    The experience is certainly useful, but the new applications require new researches and external advices to determine the diaphragm for a diaphragm pump according to new parameters and requirements.

    The 7 most important factors to be taken into account to ...

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  • Care and Maintenance of a pump.

    The pump is a component of the center of each production process, used in all industrial plants: from submerged pumps for the treatment of waste water to centrifugal pumps for chemical plants, from pumps for refineries to dosing pumps for ...

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  • Dosage, formulation and transportation of solvents for paint and varnishes

    In the production of paint and varnish for liquid coating, certain standards are necessary for the production process to be safe and efficient. In order to limit the costs and obtain better results, some aspects need to be taken into ...

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  • ARO pumps for BP Solar's solar energy

    BP Solar is a multinational that produces photovoltaic cells in the sphere of renewable energies, located in Tres Cantos (Madrid), it is part of BP group. BP provides solutions to industries, shops and houses, as far as solar energy is ...

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  • Oenology, new solutions in the management of fluids in the cellar

    Despite the several technological innovations of the last few years, the world of oenology, and the management of the cellar, are facing difficulties in implementing technological and innovative solutions already used in other production sectors.

    There are different reasons for ...

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  • Gluing department for Lamborghini

    Lamborghini, Italian excellence in the production of luxury cars, cannot but respect its high standards in every single finishing of the vehicle.

    For this reason, Lamborghini's saddlery department, in which the car's interiors are saddled up, represents the ...

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  • Cooling gas injection into Lamborghini's conditioners

    This conditioner system was created in order to manage the injection of cooling gas into the conditioning system installed on the car, made for Lamborghini S.p.a. The process starts with the reading of the bar-code indicating the country ...

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  • Sistema di diluizione colla automatico per l’industria della carta

    Movingfluid ha messo a punto un sistema per la diluizione della colla utilizzabile in qualsiasi impianto e linea di produzione carta. Il nostro sistema utilizza una pompa pneumatica a doppia membrana che,  attraverso una tubazione trasferisce la colla base contenuta ...

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